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The Clare Nsenga Foundation funded the construction of and continued operation of a Level-2 Health Center in Cyanika, Uganda. The original clinic building consists of two treatment rooms, a community education room, dispensary, and laboratory space. The clinic was donated to the Government of Uganda in 2007 to be integrated into the national health system. Transportation to the district hospital is available for acute medical and surgical cases via the CNF ambulance.

Through collaborations with Saint Thomas Catholic Church in Southington, Connecticut, the clinic has been expanded in 2018 to a level 3 facility with the addition of laboratory facilities, staff housing, and a maternity/birthing center. 


The CNC clinic is fully integrated with the Ugandan Ministry of Health District and serves as a focal point for community health programs, childhood vaccination, and social support programs. The clinic provides approximately 1500 clinic visits per month to the local community which includes both Uganda and neighboring Rwanda, only 1/2 kilometer away. 


CNF Level-III Health Center

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