Community Health Workers

A Community Health Workers (CHW) program havs been established in the surrounding communities to promote health messages including sanitation and cleanliness, disease awareness (especially HIV and malaria), maternal health, and immunizations. CHWs were selected from local communities and underwent training through a Ugandan Ministry of Health program. Bicycles were provided to CHWs to facilitate thier transportation and dissemination of health information.

Job Skills for Young Women

Young girls and women who have only had a few years of schooling and have been out of school for years are selected to attend sewing and knitting course. These young women are given a 3 month course at the CNF clinic with sewing and knitting machines with a trained instructor. The program takes 3 months to complete. Upon completion, the graduate is provided  funds towards the purchase of a sewing machine. The community board chooses young women and girls who are most approptiate for the program. The first graduate is now self-employed near the school. Her primary source of income is in making and repairing school uniforms. 


Since 2007, over 3500 English language textbooks and general reading books donated from individuals and libraries in the USA were delivered to the Katarara school and surrounding primary secondary schools. One classroom has been converted to a library where children may read or check out books.  Additional school supplies and soccer balls have been donated to the school from the USA. Through the generosity of Southignton Catholic and the UConn School of Medicine students, new and gently used laptop computers have been  donated to establish a computer skills center for the Katarara primary school and other local primary schools. 

School Children Support