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Since 2005, the Clare Nsenga Foundation has teamed with the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, under the direction of Dr. Kevin Dieckhaus, to provide ongoing clinical  care and public health outreach to Kisoro. Programs have included the following:

  • Community Health Needs Assessement

  • Insecticide-Treated Net distribution and Education

  • Orphan and Vulnerable Children Support

  • Childhood Nutritional Assessment

  • Evaluation of Delays to Clinical Care for Malaria

  • Case Finding for HIV/AIDS screening in High-Risk individuals

  • Medical supplies for the Clare Nsenga Clinic and St. Francis Mutolere Hospital

  • Medicines for the Clare Nsenga Clinic

  • Orphan and Vulnerable Children program evaluation

  • Assessment of Maternal Pregnancy Risks

  • Barriers to Effective Breastfeeding in Women

  • Infection Control in Saint Francis Mutolere Hospital

  • Mental Health Services Assessment

  • Impact of Helicobacter pylori infection on local populations

  • Barriers to Prenatal Care in Cyanika 

  • Baby boxes to reduce perinatal morbidity and mortality

Dr. Dieckhaus returns regularly with teams from the UConn School of Medicine to promote public health programs and provide medical care at the CNF clinic and the St. Francis Mutolere Hospital in Kisoro, Uganda

Academic Collaborations

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