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Late Sr. Clare Nsenga

     The late Clare Nsenga was born on 25th July 1947 and died on the 17th April 1993. At the age of 15 years, she joined the Sisters of the Congregation of Our Lady of Good Council. She finished her ordinary and advanced level of education in Uganda. She started her vocation and served in various parishes in Kabale Diocese Uganda until 1983 when she was sent to United States of America to pursue graduate studies. While in the USA she tried to promote Health and Education programs. She hoped one day to establish a charity which would address the concerns she had always thought about. Common among them was how to make it possible for the village rural poor of Kisoro District to access quality health services and education facilities. Unfortunately Sr. Clare was diagnosed with cancer of the breast in 1987 and was called back to the Lord in 1993.

The Foundation

     CNF is a Non-Governmental Organization based in the United States of America. The Foundation was founded in 2000 by relatives and friends of the late Clare Nsenga, lead by Bernadette Kazibwe. CNF is also registered in Uganda as a Non-governmental Organization. CNF, Uganda is headed by a Country Director who supervises and gives a sense of direction to the Management Committee. The seven member management committee is responsible for day-to-day activities. Sister Clare's dream was to be carried forward by her sister Bernadette Kazibwe and brother Pius Bigirimana who started to network with all friends, relatives and well-wishers of the Late Clare Nsenga. Dr. Kevin Dieckhaus joined the Foundation in 2005 as Medical Director. 

     One of Sr. Clare's wishes  came true when Clare Nsenga Health Centre was commissioned by the Minister of Health in July  2007. Through the years, additional community programs and services have been built around the Clinic, including social support and economic opportunities for vulnerable populations, and enhanced health programming. In 2018, a major expansion was completed, including the addition of a maternity ward and staff housing and expanded services to include enhanced clinical laboratory services, prenatal and maternal delivery services.



     Cyanika is located in the remote Kisoro district of Uganda, forming the extreme Southwestern corner of Uganda bordered on the west by the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and on the South by the Republic of Rwanda. Kisoro District is isolated by the Virunga Mountains to the West and the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to the north, both of which are famed for the endangered Mountain Gorillas. The mountainous terrain and the hanging valleys make traveling difficult within the area. Its remoteness from the rest of Uganda is a further isolating factor. Kisoro District is an 8-9 hour drive from the capital of Kampala. 


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