Infant Baby Boxes

Baby Boxes support infant health by providing a safe sleeping environtment for infants up to age 6 months old. Boxes prevent "co-sleeping" of infants with parents and also provide protection from malaria. Mothers who deliver at Clare Nsenga Clinic are provided a baby box for the first six months of their baby's life. Additional supplies (clothing, blanket, booties, knit cap, etc.) are provided as well. Boxes are sturdy construction wood made by local carpenters, with a decorative outer fabric lining made by local seamstresses. The box itself gets returned after 6 months for other women and children, but the goodies inside are gifts to keep! Special thanks to the Bloomfield CT knitting club for hand-made booties, caps, and blankets!

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Katarara School Water 

Access to safe water is critical for primary school education. Many children go without adequate clean water, especially in the dry season. Many students miss school to fetch water for the family, and go without during the school day. The Katarara school has one 10,000 liter water tank with a rooftop collection system - inadequate for a school of >700 pupils. CNF supplied improved guttering to more effectively collect rain water to this tank. In addition a solar-powered water purification system was added for additional sterilization of water. 

A campaign is under way to add additional guttering and a second 10,000 liter water tank to the school property.